Monday, July 27, 2009

there's no place like home I've moved again, it's not a big or exciting move, it actually feels like a big step backwards. But, I guess that's fine, sometimes you have to take some steps back before moving forwards. I'm now living in my parent's house. This is the first time I've done so in 8 years. I feel like a super big loser, but I know it's temporary and that before too long I'll get my ducks in a row and I'll be out on my own again. I just feel like I may have made a very big mistake, I left LA a year ago, moved into an apartment in NYC with my supposed best friend and now I'm in this very shitty situation where I don't have a full time job, don't know where I'm going to school and no idea where to live. It kind of sucks to feel this way, but I guess I brought this upon myself, I wanted to shake things up and I never wanted to spend the rest of my life in Los Angeles; things were just so much more stable there and I didn't realize things would take so long to fall into place here. I had a job, an amazing apartment, a social life. And now here I am a year later with none of the above.

And the cherry on top of this glorious sundae is that my room at the house is a disaster area! I don't have any room for anything; the bedroom is more of a museum of my past accomplishments than a room. I know I need to make the room livable, but I don't want to spend an insane amount of time to fix up the room when I know it's a temporary situation. Seems like a waste, and I also don't want to make the room too appealing cause I do want to leave sooner rather than later..

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